Pride Parade 2016 - Caring


You can’t spell Carbon Marketing without “Caring”!

For us, the first step toward building a successful team is fostering a culture of caring. That means treating customers with honesty, respect, and kindness. It also means giving back to the community whenever possible.



Where preparation and opportunity meet.

Whether we’re short on time, resources, or sleep, we make sure our clients meet their goals.

But success isn’t achieved by aiming only for what’s expected of us. Success is achieved by surpassing expectations – in unexpected ways.

Attacking industry boundaries with a desire to improve, while allowing our team to have fun and express their creativity, ensures Carbon Marketing continues to succeed.

Manitoba Tough - growing


Growing up is optional.

Hunger for success drives our growth. We’re always looking to give our clients more while improving as individuals and as a team.

Ambition and experimentation open the door for mistakes, but humility helps us learn from those mistakes to continually better our service.

Ultimately, sticking to the values of caring and succeeding will help build the sustainable growth of our business.


We take pride in our name and reputation

It’s not just about cars

Carbon Marketing has hundreds of years of combined automotive experience. But our strategies aren’t inspired by tradition. The car is only the starting point. 

It’s about buying a brand

When your customers buy vehicles, they buy the Google ads that led them to your inventory, they buy your sales reps, and the dealership itself. That’s why Carbon helps you control each step of the buying journey.

We set the standard for products to help our clients.

Our clients’ success is our success. We have the products, tools, and services to help them achieve great things. But successful businesses begin with amazing people.

We set the standard for the way we treat people.

Specifically, we provide customer service that promotes strong relationships and we help our community. Because, at the end of the day, our investment in success shouldn’t overshadow our investment in people.

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