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Carbon is simple and unique. Simple in our values and our mission. Unique in origin and strategy. Combine the two and you can start to taste what makes us special.


We build solutions for dealerships through +Marketing, +Process Improvement, +Training, and +Lead Optimization. By attacking the boundaries that hold people back in these four areas, we feel we can do that better than any other company. This is all part of building something special.

To get there, we focus on complementing each other’s strengths and looking out for everyone in the Carbon family. That family includes our clients. By caring for one another, we’ll make lives better, but we also believe we’ll create the best environment for success.

I’m most rewarded and happy when I’m deeply engaged. And my greatest hope for your time at Carbon is that you’re deeply engaged in building something special and that you experience fulfilment in your career. As a bonus, by being deeply engaged, you will:

  • Grow and learn 
  • Have fun and be  yourself
  • Achieve great things 
  • Give back to our community

A great story has villains. Our villains include growing pains, constant change, the difficulty of chasing self-improvement, and Doctor Octopus (damn that crafty cephalopod!). Committing to identifying and solving problems is integral to building something special. We follow that practice internally, for our business, and externally, for our clients’ challenges.

As a start-up, we face continued change, but we don’t mind challenges. We acknowledge our vulnerabilities and meet them head on. Even when we don’t succeed, we learn. 

If that’s not something you’re up for, it’s probably time to jet over to the relative safety of a giant enterprise or the government. If you don’t want to settle for the ordinary, and you want to bring passion to work every day, then let’s make something special!

Buddy System

The Carbon Marketing buddy system is for new employees and senior-level specialists to get acquainted over the first month of your employment. A buddy is a resource, mentor, and someone you can guilt into buying you coffee while you become acquainted with your new surroundings.

What is a buddy?

While primarily responsible for offering advice and guidance, your buddy may also offer you encouragement and knowledge resources. His or her focus is to help introduce you to the Carbon Marketing culture. Your buddy is a safe person to ask any question, no matter what.

It also helps:

  • Build on the knowledge obtained in your orientation
  • Learn about departmental practices and organizational culture
  • Reduce confusion and uncertainty

What your buddy expects:

  • That you receive constructive criticism in good spirit
  • That you display an eagerness to learn
  • That you ask questions instead of holding them in

If you don’t know who your buddy is, and you’re currently in the office, we ask you to  stand and scream, “BUDDDDYYYYYY??” Your buddy will scream back a special code word. You will need this code to pass the final test so make sure you write it down. Or, you know, just politely ask a coworker.

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Nearly all our rules come down to respect.

  • Be on time for work and meetings. Time is valuable.
  • Lend a hand and help your coworkers.
  • Our dress code isn’t the strictest. But if you’re going to have face time with clients, dress accordingly.
  • If you want to listen to tunes, feel free, but be respectful and toss on some headphones.
  • You’re here because the company thinks you’re awesome and needs your help. You’re here to build something special, not hang out on Facebook, text your friends, or Snapchat your Instapals (I’m hip!). Deadlines are important in our business, so you’re expected to work hard to help us meet them.
  • Book vacations and time away at least 2 weeks in advance. Request them in Orange HRM.
  • If you’re sick, let your team leader know as soon as possible and enter it into Orange HRM.
  • Keep your workspace organized. Don’t let it looks like Dan’s desk. (This includes you, Dan)

Work as a team. Feel free to speak with, call, or book time to meet with any of our clients or people on the team. If you think they can help you, or they have information that you can use, make it happen. Don’t ask if it’s okay; it is okay, so do it. This includes any of Carbon’s owners and managers. The only mistake you can make is not having acted on your need for help.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a work-related situation where alcohol is present. If you’re visibly impaired, you will be sent home. Your actions and judgment are a direct reflection on your character.

Your work must speak for itself. In an environment where content is constantly being generated, and results are constantly being measured, hard work is easy to notice. If you just want to coast, Carbon is not the place for you. Work hard and make full use of available resources (including your team), and you’ll be fine!

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Did You Know: 9 out of every 10 workplace conflicts happen because of miscommunication or a lack of communication. 1 out of 10 happens because someone keeps playing Rebecca Black during Friday meetings.

To promote great communication, we’ve assembled an internal communications guide. It’s in a hierarchy of how you should deal with your fellow Carbonites:

Face to Face, eye to eye, one on one, in-person communication. This should always be your first choice for communicating on projects. Sometimes meeting face-to-face isn’t possible, but we’ll go as far paying for plane tickets if it can put you in the same room as someone with whom you need to communicate.

Face to Face, group, in person communication. This is pretty much the same as above, but includes less one-on-one eye contact.

A phone/video call. If you just can’t be in the same room, opt for a video call or phone call where possible. If you can’t be in the same room with someone, these are the best alternatives. 

Sign Language/Semaphore. We don’t currently have any need for formal sign language, nor do we know any, but the fact that you have to be able to see the other person in a sign language conversation makes it better than the next two options.

An Email. Debrief a meeting, prepare an agenda, broadcast to all including those not on slack, or share a document. It’s useful, but important messages shouldn’t be communicated by email alone.

Slack message. Slack is useful for setting up meetings or phone calls. Slack is not useful for delivering complex instructions. Unless you write with the prosaic exactitude of George Eliot, your words may be misinterpreted


Carbon Social Committee

Carbon’s social committee plans epic team-building events, after-work parties, fundraisers, and more! The committee is made up of a few staff members who volunteer their time to plan, coordinate, and create office memories! Why, you ask? We love what we do and work hard to be the best. And to be the best, we need to work well as a team, value one another, and blow off a little steam. Party on!

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Carbon Marketing - JDRF golf tournament
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Corporate Structure

Organizations are built with and by great people. If our team works together, our chances of building something special go way up. If it doesn’t, we fail.

There are many ways a marketing and software firm can be organized, but, if there’s anything we’ve come to understand, it’s that things need to change as we grow and evolve. 

Our company is built on a team model with departments handling:

  • Creative Services
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Engineering
  • Account Service/Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

The general career path through each of these departments is:

  • Junior
  • Specialist
  • Senior
  • Team Leader
  • Dept Director
  • Vice President
  • C-Level

Each move upward includes increases in responsibilities, remuneration, opportunity, and accountability.

At the top of our company’s hierarchy is a board of directors: Bruce Axelson, Cam Bottrell, PJ Morris and Dan Broderick are all directors and principals of Carbon Marketing. The operating executive and general manager is Mitch Gallant. The operations manager and head of staff is Adam Ennis. The technology executive and head of Product & Engineering is Sadra Abedinzadeh.


Our creative service tracks include:

  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social
  • Reputation

Our strategy and planning tracks include:

  • Analytics
  • Traffic
  • Account Planner

Our account service tracks Include:

Account Coordinator > Account Executive > Account Manager > Account Director

Our engineering tracks include:

  • Software engineer
  • Front end developer
  • UX & CRO

If you’d like to become a team leader, director, or VP of a team or a department, we’d love to see you work interdisciplinarily at some point so that you understand what we do and why. In order to lead a team you need to have great empathy and it’s easier to do that when you share common experiences.

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Our stated values, the ones you’ll find on our website, are as follows:

  • Caring
  • Succeeding
  • Growing

But it can be difficult to take a company’s values seriously. If you did, you’d believe Enron when they listed this among their core values: “Respect – We treat others as we would like to be treated.” Enron must not have liked to be treated very well… Clearly, it’s easy to broadly moralise from the top down without holding anyone accountable. Which is why we focus instead on specifics.

In that spirit, we won’t just say we value our clients –without customers we have no business. If we don’t hold them in high regard, we will fail. We must deliver on our promises with an attitude of respect and kindness. 

We also won’t just say Carbon values its employees. Instead, we’ll consistently demonstrate our appreciation and gratitude. Our product is sold, created, deployed and monitored by people. We know and value this. We deeply value engagement in this process and reciprocate it by deeply valuing our people. 

 Care, success and growth is the culmination of our values. The break down is as follows:
  • Wow.
  • Care for each other. Build a team and a family.
  • Care for our Customers.
  • Grow and Learn.
  • Attack Boundaries.
  • Vulnerability and Humility. Own faults, learn from failures.
  • Respect and Honesty.
  • Having Fun and Being Weird is Eh-Ok
  • Get Things Done, Even With Limited Resources.
  • Be Good Humans. Give Back.
  • Win.
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Our workspace is located above Capital Ford Lincoln, one of our largest partners and part of the Capital Auto Group. Our office is a place to feel comfortable but you must take responsibility for your presence and your usage. Treat the office like your own, because it is your own. But treat it like your boss’ because it is your boss’. Our office is available to you anytime and your key fob will get you in (but you don’t want to be here when the alarm is active between 11pm and 5am.) Feel free to ask a coworker for help or to collaborate on projects. 
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Don’t forget your headphones at Home! Sometimes, they are the only way you’ll be able to concentrate!

Kate Miller - OG

Graphic Design & Analytics

Don’t be afraid of stupid ideas because we’re always trying to push boundaries. Like that fuckin’ Knightrider script!!!!

Robert Miller - Jan 2017


Utilize the team around because everyone has a unique set of skills and strengths.

Melonie Gryschuk - Mar 2017

SEO Specialist

Ask lots of questions, and if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to share. And don’t buy black coffee, buy Chai. #chewsupari

Sharique Ali - Jan 2017

SEM Specialist

Our team is awesome, so never be scared to questions because everyone here is always happy to help!

Leesa Isley - Carbon OG

Graphic Design

We’re all a little bit weird BUT we’re also a team, so be a team player…And newbies pay for the first round of starbucks. Kidding…Kind of.

Dan Shier - Carbon OG

Graphic Design & Communications

We don’t bite… Hard. We have a fun environment that encourages creativity. You’ll work hard, you’ll laugh and you’ll win.

Dani Anderson - Carbon OG

Strategy & Planning Team Leader

Don’t forget your sweater in summer, it gets cold in here.

Ramsha Faheem - June 2017

Account Coordinator

In case of fire, exit the building BEFORE tweeting about it.

Luke Thomas - June 2017

Account Coordinator

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