Top 5 Reasons to Work at Carbon

1. Always a Good Time

In between keeping clients happy and delivering first-class marketing services, we like to have fun. Sometimes that means creating cool videos or testing strange foods. But, no matter what, Carbon Marketing is a welcoming and comfortable environment.

2. Autonomy and Personal Growth

Working at Carbon Marketing is always rewarding. As a member of our team, you’ll confront new challenges daily. But you also get space to grow and freedom to experiment, so you can not only improve both our team and yourself.

3. Awesome Clients

The best way to achieve mutual success is to foster great client relationships. But that’s easy for us because we have the privilege of dealing with a diverse range of clients who give us the freedom to help them in new and exciting ways.

4. Awards

Despite being a young company, Carbon Marketing has already won several awards for creativity and leadership in advertising. But we prefer to measure our success with the success of our clients. That’s why we’re proud to represent Canada’s #1 GM retailer, #1 Pre-Owned Ford retailer, and a host of other industry leaders.

5. Giving back

Social responsibility is part of our DNA. We try to set an example for others by volunteering with, and providing financial support for, local charitable organisations. And, when our business grows, our responsibility will grow with it.

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