We build marketing technology that enables automotive OEMs and dealerships to execute smart and lightning fast marketing strategies. We also deploy and monitor those systems to optimize results.

More automotive marketing technology strategies below.

Ultimately, our marketing technology helps you sell more cars, more profitably.


How powerful it would be if you could

combine every piece of data available to you into one inventory management tool?


Carrying Costs

Website Views

Marketplace Demand



Price Rank

Accident History

And Much More..

Well, that’s exactly what we use to develop our advertising strategies to sell more cars for our clients.

Our unique intellectual property is designed to assure better marketing and advertising decisions. Our final vision will incorporate machine learning and AI automation.

We’ve also developed an inventory and marketing engine. The tool allows us to inform vehicle selection and marketing decisions in unprecedented ways.

At Carbon Marketing, we combine the power of science and technology to sell more cars.

Our technology uses curated data to prioritize the proper inventory that will speed up sales.

Then, these pieces of inventory are dynamically placed into advertising platforms. Finally, we invest your budget and send traffic direct to your website VDP.

We approach an enduring industry with experience, as well as a relevant & modern perspective

Obviously, there is nothing like our technology in the automotive marketplace. And, although we’re a startup, we have deep insights and experience like no other automotive technology or marketing company.